When rescuing an elephant calf from the mud, a team of hunters found themselves in a difficult situation

When rescuing a newborn elephant from a pool of muck, a party of hunters found themselves in a bad position.

The buffalo h.u.n.ters decided to assist the child after learning that he was stranded.

They were obliged to turn back and flee after pulling the elephant up with a rope as the terrified animal took form to dive into them.

Luckily, the rescuers were able to flee before either they or the elephant were hurt.

Professional photo guide Norman Crooks was with the group in Chirundu, Zimbabwe, when they discovered the baby.

“During a game with the reserve children, a member of the National Park and Wildlife Department discovered an elephant under three years old stranded in the dirt a few hundred yards away,” he said.

“Her mom was standing there, tired after struggling all night to bring the boy out.”

“As soon as the group came, she begged for assistance, so they drew back and notified our hunting camp.”

The buffalo hunters chose to become conservationists after spotting the imprisoned juvenile.

“We instantly gave up our buffalo hu.n.t.ing and came to aid since I knew from practice that trapped animals don’t stay long.”

“At this time of year, the temperature in bright sunlight is 42 degrees, and the heat and the stress of the effort might soon cost them.”

“When I returned to the hunting camp with the others, we discovered the elephant in the dirt, nowhere to be seen.”

“The first thing I did was throw water on the youngster to chill him down, which appeared to help him recover.”

They were made to switch and run after dragging the elephant back to its feet with a rope as the agitated animal curved up to attack them.

“He was rather violent and rushed at us with his trunk, but we eventually got a rope beneath him.”

“We tied a rope to our vehicle and began tugging, and he came out slowly but steadily.”

“He walked out and got up after two or three pulls, and all hell dissolved.” The juvenile bull charged at us right away.

“Luckily, the rope broke and let him join a group of elephants that were nearby.”

“The following day, we checked, and he was reunited with his mother and one sister.”

“It was a beautiful conclusion, and we were all overjoyed.”

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When rescuing an elephant calf from the mud, a team of hunters found themselves in a difficult situation
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