When the family wakes, they discover a sleeping wild bear in their closet

A Missoula family awoke to discover an unusual guest snoozing in their closet: a black bear! When a family found a black bear sleeping in their house, they called the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office early in the morning.

The  big animal “opened the entrance to this residence’s entryway and somehow succeeded in locking the door from inside,” the sheriff’s office reported on Facebook. “After being unable to escape, the bear started tearing the place up until deciding he was weary and climbing up into the closet for a nap.”

That’s how the officers discovered him—resting on a shelf.

“When cops knocked on the glass, the bear appeared unimpressed.” “He gently stretched, yawned, and, unimpressed, gazed toward the door,” they continued. Undaunted, the deputies sought to persuade the bear to depart on his own.

“Finally, detectives were able to open the door in the hopes that he would jump down and go, “the post said.” However, their efforts were greeted with even more enormous bear yawns.”

The bear in the closet may be seen in the video below.

The bear appeared to be in no rush to go anywhere. As a result, deputies took the following step. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks responded and aided in tranquilizing the bear so that he could be transferred. He slept for far longer than he had planned, but it was probably for the best.

“The owners were delighted he was evacuated in good health, but won’t soon forget when this invader arrived hunting for the bear essentials!” said the sheriff’s office.

They also advised residents to secure their doors, saying that the bear visitor was similar to Goldilocks. “This is even another reason to lock up, since we have unverified information that he checked two other closets before deciding this one was just right.” But honestly, lock the door! ”

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When the family wakes, they discover a sleeping wild bear in their closet
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