A bobcat was seen on a railroad track by a man, but it was too dangerous to approach and help him

A wild bobcat found itself in a difficult predicament when its hind feet were stuck on railway lines in British Columbia. Thankfully, the unfortunate animal was given a second chance due to a railway crew who rescued it just in time. But it wasn’t an easy rescue since a train was scheduled to pass by in a few minutes and the terrified animal was tough to approach.

It was just another day at the workplace for Coby Reid, a train inspector in Trail, BC, and his coworkers. The team started inspecting the tracks early in the morning as part of their regular practice. The crew must ensure that there are no obstructions on the paths. But it wasn’t like that this time. They were getting near to the Columbia River when they saw something trapped on the rails.

The males recognized there was a bobcat as they came closer. Coby and his crew originally assumed the wild feline didn’t want to go since its meal – well, what remained of it – was in front of it. They quickly discovered, however, that the bobcat was unable to escape. Its paws were stuck to the rails because of the intense cold.

With less than half an hour before the next train arrived, the crew realized they had to move quickly if they were going to save the defenseless bobcat. So they decided to approach the animal with caution, wrap its head with one of their coats, and then liberate it. However, the rescue proved significantly more difficult than they had anticipated since the bobcat felt intimidated as the team approached it, and it was not behaving properly. Nonetheless, the dedicated guys ultimately succeed in freeing the unfortunate animal!

“At first, we approached it with the intention of covering it up with a coat,” Coby told Radio West. “It was absolutely not the lovely kitten in the photo.”

The team even recorded the rescue, and Coby subsequently posted an update on Facebook. “I saved this little fella today as he was eating his food (duck) and froze to the fence,” he wrote. “We grabbed some warm water and got him free.”

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A bobcat was seen on a railroad track by a man, but it was too dangerous to approach and help him
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