A lady saved a cat that was about to be put down! 11 years later the cat repaid a favor by rescuing her

We all know that cats have nine lives. This is a story about a cat whose name is Tony. He used one of his lives to rescue his owner.

After this situation, he was claimed as a hero fire cat.

When Tony’s owner talks about the incident, she admits that it was like a bad dream and she was lucky enough to have Tony by her side.

“Cats pick you out, you always know,” said Lawsons. Tony the cat was injured during a fire incident and is now recovering from the 3rd degree burns on her body.

“This is the worst case that we’ve had,” said Dr. David Kocher, owner of the Towne and Country Clinic.

Tony is the Lawsons’ saver. She claims she was sleeping on her bed with her pet, when she heard him meowing oddly.

“It wasn’t a normal meow, it was a peculiar one,” Lawsons said. “It was simply a constant meow.” When she awoke, her house was engulfed in flames. “I saw fire to my left, one around the room, dense smoke, and I heard him but couldn’t figure out where he was,” she said. Tony had to be left behind by the Lawsons. “Watching your home burn, and knowing you have a cherished animal you can’t leave,” she said.

However, by the time firemen arrived on the scene..

I heard the door close and someone shout, ‘They got the cat!’ ” When firemen arrived, Tony’s tummy and paws were burned, and he wasn’t breathing. They were able to recover him. And, as she holds her hero, she expresses gratitude to the guys who sacrificed their lives to rescue Tony.

“What they did meant a lot to me; you may lose everything, but as long as you can walk away with the animals you love, it’s a success,” Lawsons remarked.