Terrible moment! When elephants started to at.tack a moped rider, he had no choice but to…

These stunning photographs show a worried motorcyclist attempting to drive past elephants on a Thai road as they try to att.a.ck him.

As the rider went deeper into Khao Yai National Park, which is near the city of Korath in northeast Thailand, the animals got angry.

The dash cam footage shows the slow-moving motorist attempting to overtake the elephants.

But he had no idea that the herd had been roused minutes earlier by the sound of a band of motorcycles speeding by.
Because numerous elephants were racing at him and trumpeting loudly, the guy had to leap off his bicycle and escape into the woods.

The motorcyclist had to wait until the elephants moved away before he could get back on his bike and speed away.

The video was published on Facebook by Khao Yai National Park, who commented, ‘Motorbikes must be prohibited from Khao Yai before anything bad occurs.’

The park is Thailand’s third biggest. It has 300 square kilometers (74,000 acres) of evergreen woods and meadows.

There are 3,000 plant species, 320 bird species, and 66 animal species, including Asian elephants.