That is hilarious! In the sweetest video, a baby seal accidentally scares a polar bear cub

In one of the prettiest films the animal realm has produced in the previous decade, a polar bear cub and a newborn seal enjoy an exquisite moment together. When a baby seal emerges from the ice in front of a polar bear, he gets startled. This adorable interaction was filmed by coincidence, and the internet loved every second of it.


The incident occurred in front of the filmmaking crew when they were shooting for the BBC’s “Snow Bears” TV program. The filmmakers had an unexpected humorous moment after tracking a polar bear mother and her two young offspring on their voyage from the Svalbard islands to the North Pole.

As they approached the unending glacier, the hungry mother began chasing seals, hoping that her two kids would learn to hunt as well. The mother bear’s aspirations have been dashed. They failed epically on their first lesson as soon as one of the cubs was taught how to hunt.


The bear cub, inspired by her courageous mother, seemed more motivated than ever to capture meals, but was startled when a seal came out of the ice. Clearly, the infant was not expecting that.

The BBC ultimately chose to post the footage on YouTube, where it has received 15 million views. “A polar bear eagerly waits for a seal, but its cub is taken aback when it emerges suddenly,” they wrote. Look at it this way: