These Superhero Wildlife Vets Save a Baby Giraffe in Kenya

Bernard, a wildlife ranger, acted quickly when he heard news that a one-week-old giraffe needed to be rescued. It is his job as one of the heads of the Meru mobile veterinary team to rescue the lives of sick animals in Kenya’s Meru National Park.

This stunning video reveals how the rescue was planned and carried out in order to offer the giraffe the best chance of life imaginable. Giraffes must be carried with their backs upright at all times due to their sensitive spines, otherwise they risk permanent injury.

As a result, Bernard had to make sure the giraffe was gently taken to the plane and put inside in a sitting posture. It’s an impressive rescue effort.

What’s even more amazing is that the giraffe made no attempt to leave or break free from his protective jacket while being prepared for air transportation. He seemed to have realized the importance of being saved.

The giraffe’s chances of survival were little to none because he was discovered without his mother. As a result, he was transported to Nairobi, saving him an exhausting eight-hour travel on bumpy roads that would have been painful for him.

The giraffe was peaceful and loving with his rescuers when he arrived at the Nairobi nursery, and he rapidly adapted to his new surroundings.

The giraffe, who was helped by the Sheldrick Trust, is now quite happy in his new habitat and has even met some new friends! Elephants, who were orphaned and just brought to the orphanage to safeguard them from poachers, are two of his dearest friends.

KIKO was given to the giraffe, and he has become a beloved and pleasant orphanage resident. While wildlife authorities are still unsure what happened to his mother, KIKO was rescued from a human-animal conflict-affected region.

KIKO has a good chance of being released back into the wild when he is able to care for himself, thanks to the Sheldrick Trust’s continuous efforts. Visit their website to track KIKO’s progress or to contribute to the trust’s work.

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These Superhero Wildlife Vets Save a Baby Giraffe in Kenya
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