Woman Buys New Hammock For Bear Family In Her Yard

Bertha, the mother bear, and her two cubs were frequently spotted in Amy’s yard.

She was taken aback at first, but she quickly changed her mind and began leaving toys for the cubs to play with. It all started with a ball that the cubs seemed to enjoy, and the mom bear made sure to keep an eye on them as they were playing with it.

Then Amy had an idea for something they could all do together, so she went out and got a hammock, which she soon placed in her yard.

She went home and waited to see what the bears would do, if they could even figure out how to use the hammock.

They put the hammock to good use, much to her surprise, so she videotaped the encounter and posted it online for everyone’s enjoyment.

Here’s the full video and interview from The Dodo below:

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