The reaction of an orphaned bear when she is reunited with the man who raised her is wonderful

While a massive 800-pound bear may seem nothing .more than a beast to others, it is a gentle, gorgeous creature that shares the compassion shown to it by its human caregivers. And this lovely video demonstrates precisely what bears are: gentle giants.

Sonya, the bear, was orphaned when she was quite young. After being rescued, the animal found solace at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York. Here, she rapidly made friends with the employees, but there was one person in particular that Sonya adored. The bear and her human caregiver, Jonathan, used to have a close relationship. Sadly, the rescuer departed the facility one day.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

Sonya and her dearest pal haven’t seen each other in years. However, lately, Jonathan decided to go and check whether she was about to remember him or not.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

The first time they see one another after years apart is beautiful. The rescued bear recalls not just the guy who used to look after her, but also the lovely game they used to play. They play and embrace each other like two joyful children. Their reunion is so cute!

Orphaned Wildlife Center

“Johnathan was once her caregiver when she was a baby,” the guy who captured the cute clip told Yahoo News. “She hadn’t seen him in many years, but he recently came to check whether she remembered him.” She recalled not just Johnathan, but also the game they used to play when she was a kid.”

You can see the lovely moment here: